Guideline for speakers in 52nd Mycobacteria Panel Meeting, Niigata Japan

  1. Prepare your presentation file by Power Point 2016 and 2013 (for Windows) or Power Point 2016 and 2011 (for Mac).  Then send the file to by March 12 (Monday), 2018.  If the file size is larger than 10 Mb, use big file tranfer service, such as Taku-file;

  2. Both Windows PCs (OS, Windows 10) and Mac (High Sierra, Ver 10.13.3) are available.

  3. We are sure to delete the loaded file data after the meeting is over.

  4. If you want to use other software than power point, please bring your computer. We recommend using your own computer if you have any sound/movie files on your presentation.


  Our monitor connection cables are HDMI/D-sub15 pin (mini) MALE (see   below).

  1. Your computer must have HDMI or D-sub 15 pin FEMALE port.

  2. Prepare extra connection cables as necessary.

  3. Deactivate functions of screen-saver, power-saving and password etc.

  4. Bring your AC adapter for power supply.

  5. If you bring the data with you, USB flash media drive is available.  Operation checking and monitor connecting test are requested before the meeting begin (March 15, morning).

主催 日本バイオフィルム学会 / 日本細菌学会中部支部